If Love Is The Answer, What Is The Question? Big Medium, Austin, Texas

Bullshit Detector. Co-Lab, Austin, TX

You See… Thing Is… Big Medium, Austin, TX

H. Lewis Gallery, Baltimore MD
1995 - Gallery M, Baltimore MD


Of A Technological Nature, Austin Museum Of Art, Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX


More Awkward Than Heavy, Ink Tank Labs, Austin, TX

Art From The Ashes, Austin, TX

ABB Gallery Photography Exhibition, Austin, TX


E.A.S.T. Selections, Big Medium, Austin, TX

Landgrabber, Pump Project, Austin,
Monsters, Domy Books, Austin, TX

Art Outside Festival of the Arts, Apache Pass, Texas

Mini Show, Birdhouse Gallery, Austin, TX


88, Domy Books & OK Mountain, Austin, TX

The Soladitas Walks, Big Medium, Austin, TX

Stations of the Cross, Pump Project, Austin, TX


Texas Biennial, Austin TX


Yard Dog Gallery, Marfa TX


Unclassified MICA

Hostile Witness: Taking the Methods of Media and Surveillance Into Your Own Hands
. WPA, Washington DC


School 33 Art Center, Baltimore MD


MFA Thesis Exhibit, The University of Texas @ Austin, Austin TX


I Heart Art Foster-Freeman Gallery, San Antonio TX
Beyond Photography. Juried exhibition organized by the Texas Fine Arts Association

Mystery and Intrigue Juried exhibition, Dallas TX
Peoples Art Store, Galveston TX

Mexi-Carte Museum, Austin TX

Pals of PrinciPal, Commerce Street Co-op, Houston TX


The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh PA
1993 - MFA The University of Texas @ Austin, Austin TX

1989-90 - Maryland Institute College of Art, Mount Royal School, Baltimore MD

19887-89 - The University of Texas @ Austin, non-degree program, Austin TX

1980-84 - BFA Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA

AVAA nomination- Artist of the Year

Austin Chronicle: Best Solo Art Exhibit

Merit Scholarship Award, The University of Texas @ Austin

Travel Grant, Participate/Document Christo's Umbrella Project, Hitachi, Japan

University Travel Grant, Participate In Chinati Foundation Program/Seminar, Marfa, TX

Jurors Merit Award Beyond Photography, Texas Fine Arts Association

Merit Scholarship Award, The University of Texas @ Austin


First Place, Allen Ginsberg Annual Poetry Contest, Baltimore MD

Jamie Panzer was born in New York, New York, reared in Silver Spring, Maryland,
and currently lives and works in Austin, Texas. He attended Old Dominion University
on a Soccer Scholarship, transferred to Carnegie-Mellon University to earn a BFA in
Art and Graphic Design, and then moved to Austin. He attended the Maryland Institute,
College of Art as a Graduate candidate for a year but returned to Austin to complete his
degree from The University of Texas at Austin as the first in the newly inaugurated
Transmedia Program in 1993. He then relocated to Baltimore to assume a position as
Assistant Director of Exhibitions at MICA and soon after became Art Director at an
interactive advertising agency in New York. He has exhibited in Pittsburgh, New York,
Austin, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Washington, DC, San Antonio and Los Angeles.
Panzer has shown extensively in Austin since his return to Texas. This will be his
second solo exhibition at Big Medium.
Artist's Statement

In my cross-disciplinary practice I scheme to reveal what is often hidden in plain sight,
using any and all means at my disposal to capitalize on what others have discarded,
taken for granted or are indifferent to. Materials are recycled based on how they appear
to resemble something else. For instance—the way a stick mimics a sword or magic wand.

I set about conjoining and manipulating them to create a newly contextualized ensemble.
I want to transform the overlooked into something novel, something of intrigue, humor
and or morbid curiosity.
The aim is to raise eyebrows—playing mischief with routine
convention—by presenting new things that are perceived to oscillate between
the familiar and illusion. This paradox lies at the core of my work and illuminates
allegorical possibilities specific to each project. This has been a consistent motif
throughout the arc of my creative development.