The Bullshit Detector
Installed at Co-Lab, Austin, Texas, February 2012
The schematic for this ancient apparatus was unearthed one day when I was digging for loose coins in the dirt. I’ve reconstructed a prototype using modern materials as best I could - Red hot, high resistance wire with 110 volts of electricity.

That such. That such a device existed so long ago, and is only now available to us for use, is a testament to the fact that we have always been surrounded by bullshit. I might add that it arrives in no short order. 
It’s monolithic ziggurats serve as support for the mechanism, forming a tetrahedron, which defines the purest geometric shape in the known universe. Through resistance and impedance, bullshit is attracted, absorbed and disintegrated. Exactly how remains a mystery.

Consider it to function in a way that detects bullshit of all manner, including swindles, hog wash, lies, hokum, balderdash, baloney, bilge, flap trap, hooey, poppycock, rubbish, twaddle, chicanery, fraud, malarcky, crock, ruse, sham, hucksterism, snake oil, deceit, cons, distortions, dupery, mendacity, prevarication, bunk, hypocrisy, and bluster, et al.